Folks we don't like giving bad news but

Rob Burt III

After four years our brother on the sticks, mr Robert Burt III is leaving the band. Without rob it's very hard for us to know how the process of this music is going to continue. He has been incredibly important in absolutely every aspect of this band. From our label, our merchandise, and designs, to the songs and even riffs we play in the band, rob played a part in everything. We don't say goodbye to him easily. We love the guy dearly and respect his decision, he didn't make it easily. As it stands rob has made a commitment to play all the shows booked with us, a four day jaunt in October and a final show (which will be our last of the year and robs last in the group) we want to see everyone at these shows. To give him a fitting farewell as he leaves and moves onto the next chapter and so we can rock the &$?! out of the music one last time.

Soon we will update the site about the future. Were not giving up on lights at sea, we still got some songs to write and some amps to break.

Howdy folks

We've got some shows and things to mention as we've been gearing up for bled fest this weekend.

Firstly, we recently were on a radio show called "the basement" on Widr fm in kalamazoo. You can download three of the songs for free on our Facebook and ReverberNation pages. We had a great time there and are really grateful to those guys for having us on. Check out the show every Monday at 7pm. They have some pretty sick bands on.

Secondly we have a Limited tshirt coming soon to the Barrett records store online so ANYONE anywhere can buy a las shirt.

Lights At Sea Lamp T-shirt

Be sure to go to the Barrett store to pick that up. Also thanks to Austin and mind over matter records for designing it and our good friend Scott Travis for hand drawing this rad art.

Thirdly and lastly we have some shows coming up.

  • 5/28 howell mi. Bledfest.
  • 6/8 grand rapids. Mulligans w/ Shores and Canyons Of Static. Free!
  • 7/9 grand rapids. The Pyramid Scheme w/ Paucity and Nwe Spryghts
  • 7/23 grand rapids. The Pyramid Scheme w/ The Life And Times and Charles The Osprey.

Needless to say we are incredibly excited to be playing with the life and times who are a huge influence on us. We will have more shows this fall for those wondering why we haven't spread our wings a bit, and ventured beyond the cosy walls of gr. We've been very busy in the life department with new jobs and baby's. We still plan on trying to make it to the east coast sometime this year, god willing.

Also we are working on new material so expect some kind of update on our next venture in a few months. Sounding good folks...

That is all for now, be well

Live at Founders

Thank you to Nicole for taking this video of us performing "The War Came Home" and "This Is A House Of Learned Doctors" the other night at Founders, thank you!!!

Lights At Sea EP for Free!

We have decided to let the world have our debut ep for free. Please feel free to click the image and download away, share with friends please!

Lights At Sea self titled EP availabe for download from at

Lights At Sea EP
  1. Noir
  2. 19
  3. Bateau
  4. Be Silent
  5. The War Came Home
  6. Steps

When The Light Touched The Earth

This is the first lights at sea song ever recorded, enjoy!

You need Flash to play this.

This was truly a different time in lights at sea. Recorded in april 2007 in our drummers grand fathers garage, this was a favorite of ours that we unfortunatly scrapped in the transitioning of new members.

At this point we had a different drummer and our old guitarist, Denny Sharp, played bass on keys along with including the synth wash that comes in later on in the song.

This song is included on a three song demo we handed out at our first few shows as a band. There's another song on it that we scrapped called "Kids With Guns" and an old version of "Be Silent" maybe we will post those songs one day also.

Album Release Show - Palace Walls

Palace Walls album release show has now come and went…

We knew it was going to be fun but had no idea that it was gonna be so great…

Our friends were amazing in Ambassador, Shores and Ozenza. There's really nothing else that can be said about it but thank you, to everyone who came out and supported us, it was a once in a lifetime kind of night. We love you all.

Palace Walls - Lights At Sea

Palace Walls vinyl

Our new album "Palace Walls" is out now on Barrett Records, Mind over Matter Records, and digitally on iTunes. This album is available on cd and vinyl. The vinyl comes in two different color variations (seafoam green and lightblue/maroon A/B) and digital download card which allows you to download the album straight from the labels site to your computer.

We are very excited about this release and hope to do shows in support of the album threw the winter into the spring around the midwest and outer areas. Also there are still copies available of our debut ep at or digitally on itunes.

Be well all!